FURRIELA ADVOGADOS was founded in 1989, just before Brazil began to liberalize its legislation and procedures for international trade and investment. Since then the law firm FURRIELA has been playing an increasingly important advising Brazilian and international clients in a wide range of areas—Business Law, Corporate Law, Commercial Law, Contracts, Civil and Commercial Litigation, Banking Law and Real Estate Law. This law firm has been known, since it was founded, for its pioneer role in highly specialized areas of law, where it has contributed to the establishment of norms and the evolution of practices, such as: Information Technology Law, Telecommunications and Intellectual Property rights, Environmental Law and Non-Governmental-Organization Law.

LGA Consulting is a Mexico City based consulting firm that helps foreign companies access the Mexican market and do business in the country.  LGA has two key focus areas:  (a) sales/business development assistance and channel market/distribution strategies and implementation in all product areas with a strong focus on the water sector, and (b) legal, regulatory, accounting, and fiscal services.   LGA Consulting has trade consultants, accountants, and lawyers on staff and is directed by an American citizen with 20 years of experience in the region.  Since 1994, LGA Consulting has served as the representative of the State of Wisconsin, operating its trade office in Mexico, similar to the TVZ International representation of Wisconsin in Brazil.  LGA has worked on joint projects in the region with TVZ International.

TVZ International is a member of The Global Consulting Network (GCN), a worldwide group of business development, competitive intelligence, and market research consulting firms. The GCN was founded in 2004 by Global Strategy, Inc. as a means to offer expanded global coverage to clients, supplementing internal resources with on-the-ground coverage in local markets.